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What It's All About

How it All Started

I have been blessed with the opportunity to add color to this crazy upside down world!   A woman named Marie showed me this process and I just couldn't stop... I have been given the resources to continue this beautiful artform.  It's because I am a  Messianic Jew, that believes the Yeshua or Jesus is the Messiah,that I can share it with the true spiritual community... both in the synagogues and in the churches.   With that being said, I felt that hand dyed silk scarves and dancing veils could be an interesting way to bring Gd closer in my walk with the Lord. The scarves aren't just scarves, but Prayer Shawls. Put one on and be in your own space with the Lord...

And now, the believing community is sharing the one-of-a-kind silk scarves by giving them out as presents, apparel, and in devotional box sets. 

Where It's Moving From Here

There are times when I just want to stand up and dance to praise to Lord! And I truly believe that adding color movement is a special way to do it... So  I dye silk scarves, large and small, to move in spiritual lead dance. You don't have to be the most beautiful dancer to do it either. Just move how you feel lead!

How to Pick Your Colors

I pray over each scarf before I even pick up a dye color... I believe that the Lord knows what colors I should put together and most importantly... who each scarf is going to touch in a spiritual and personal way.  Please check out all the colorways and let them "speak" to you...  You'll  just know!

Quality vs Quanity

I do not just spit out a whole lot of these scarves! They are individually prayed over handmade silk scarves.  I carefully choice the colors and style of each one. Whether they come out as gradient, bold, muted, or completely different than I thought... is all based on the unique process that happens. 

One-Of -A-Kind Designs

There will always be new silk  scarves being added. I  am usually making them for a conference that I am attending. So with that in mind, if you see one you like, you better pick it up quick, because it might be gone when I get back! So I will work on making sure the inventory is up to date...

While shopping with DWD, please order the item by it's name or number. If you have questions about the products, or even shipping, get in touch! 

And how it continues...

I believe that the Lord has a long term plan for this ministry... 

I feel that dyeing scarves, prayer shawls, and dancing veils could be an interesting and unique way to bring G-d closer with our personal journey. The Prayer Shawls, when you put one on, becomes your own space with the Lord.

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